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Welcome to Cathay Herbal

Cathay Herbal was formed in 1986 to serve the needs of the developing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) profession in Australia.

Over the years Cathay has changed in response to the various demands for products and education. Through research and the financial support of various Educational bodies and Professional Associations they have helped shape the face of the modern TCM profession.

We are pleased to have special insight into the needs of the profession with our Director and General manager both TCM practitioners.

If you ever need a hand with any aspect of your practice, we have experienced practitioners available to offer you some coaching and support. Please contact us at Cathay; we would are happy to support your practice.

Are your CPE Points up to date?

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At Cathay Herbal we encourage you to attend ongoing face-to-face instruction and continuing professional development, we understand however it can be difficult and expensive to take a few days away from your practice and travel to a location for training.

To support your ongoing professional development we have developed our first series of courses available online or by email for T.C.M. in Australia.


This Traditional Chinese Medicine has been traditionally to support kidneys and invigorates yang, nourishes the liver and clear heat, regulates the Chong and Ren channels, helping to relieve the symptoms of Menopause.

Product code: RM05

More information (PDF, 133kb)


This Traditional Chinese Medicine has been traditionally used for the relief of symptoms of damp heat in the Lower Jiao.

Product code: 022
(50g per btl)

Ginseng Powder

Replenishing bodily energy and strength, improving digestive functions, supporting spleen and lung functions, enhancing proper production of saliva, improving alertness, for use of the weak constitution, cold limbs and weak pulse, weak spleen and loss of appetite, weak chest with cough.

Product code: 419

Ginseng Flower Tea

Tonify Qi, nourish Yin, clear Heat, generate body fluid and clam the spirit.

Product code:
420TEA10 (10 bags/pack)
420TEA30 (30 bags/pack)

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